We’re serious about ping pong. I mean really serious! In our second office, the table takes up so much valuable space that it’s not joke. Not even once has there been a discussion where moving the table or folding it up was an option. I think the management would rather let go of some people than get rid of that table.

But we all love it. We play daily and that has its ups and downs. For starters, it’s great exercise. I know you may not see it like that, but join us for a few games and you’ll be sweating like it’s mid July. The downfall is that we’re constantly making a lot of noise and shouting. Not the ideal atmosphere for our creative team. Happily, they participate too, so they can’t say too much about it.

There’s one guy in our office that’s most likely 1/16th Chinese or something. I think he’s lost like 3 times since I’ve been here? Since he’s been here? And we’re talking about years! Everybody knows he’s amazingly good. If you feel brave enough to take him on, make sure you come prepared!

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